Wednesday, October 11, 2006

hypocrite, and yes i admit

Ever felt being the worst hypocrite of all? I do? I just felt it right now!
I was praying with the people that i despised a lot (which made me more hypocrite
than they are). I just can't imagine why and how I ended up in such a way, but I can't concentrate. My thoughts are just at the back of my mind, pushing its way through as I say every word.

I'm bad, and I must admit that I truly am. I do believe in the same God, but I don't
accept such practices that led me to despise them. Oh, I can even add and admit that now I don't believe on priest anymore, even their homilies. This really make me blasphemous isn't it? But I just can't accept the fact that these people represents a divine image yet after such good act, the evil lurkes doing its nasty job. I think, you know what i mean?

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