Wednesday, October 4, 2006

PRC should be overhauled!

News today: "... ang bahid (stigma) ay hindi mabubura ng retake..." (bandila - source: Oct. 4, 2006)

I think it is best to have a retake, than do nothing at all. She is so damn stupid of trying to point out their faulty statistical conversion on the licensure exams. Imagine a 100 item test being replaced by a statistical mean. This should be nullified. It doesn't cover anything of that 100 item test!

Her reason is such an alibi not to have a retake. Sobra nga naman ang pagod nila sa pagdodoctor ng score.

I just hate it, PRC has no integrity! PRC should be overhauled! Paano nga naman matatangal ang stigma if the culprits are still free!

This is a suggestion, and it would be best kung pati PRC eh kakasuhan ng administrative case for the leak in the exams! Matatangal lang naman ang stigma if PRC is dissolved, the people involved including PRC officials will be sued for their liabilities, (at hindi lang yung mock trial, na after which wala na), have another set of exams to be retaken, and have another set of officials to govern it, at hindi yung officials na enclosed sa time ng leak!

Paano na lang yung ibang professions na nagtatake ng board exams, not just the nursing profession. Damn, nakakaawa naman, walang integridad ang nagpapatest sa kanila. How can Philippines have qualified professionals if the one conducting the licensure exams were rotten. As the saying goes, magtabi ka ng bulok na kamatis sa hindi bulok na kamatis, makikita mo pagkalipas ng ilang oras lahat bulok na!

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