Saturday, April 21, 2007

unknown-to-me relations

a curser, very typical of me, as i would describe myself, yet i ain't no witch to put you on trance to make you obey all my demands. i like cursing people, period, so that i can vent out the stress, frustration, or anger that i might be feeling for that given moment or situation.

i'm such a meanie evil person, and i know it all along. if i'm angry at you, expect something evil coming to haunt you. you might as well cover your ears with ear muffs so as not to be bombarded with harsh words you never thought might be spared directly infront of you. you might as well evade from me because i wont stop if i know you reached my patience threshold. this my friends really happened, and i wont deny it, that i became so mean with my own unknown-to-me relatives.

to start it all of, a contagious "anger" negative vibe exploded right before i lost my self-control. it began with my father when everyone had decided to go to san miguel, albay. EVERYONE had already left, except me, my mom, my dad, my bro, my auntie, and my grandparents. Since, my grandfather's health condition is failing, due to carelessness of my auntie and her family, he can't come, even if you reinforced it with a lot of motivation. right infront of me, my father's authoritative voice thundered like hell which changed my positive outlook that day. he decided to stay because no one will take care of them. yet at the very back of his mind, and his whispered curses, that he really wanted to take my grandparents away to that place. that changed everyone's situation, my auntie had tried her best to find a substitute for the work my father had taken - to look and tend for my grandparents needs.

it's quite unexplainable but the rage was definitely passed to me and my mother like a contagious disease that we as well became too damn hot-headed. Indeed we all went to san miguel, albay with my father, and proceeded with to the pier. in there, the unknown-to-me relative started acting like a bullsh*t, saying nonsensical phrases that definitely offended me and my mother. I whispered to my mom that i'm already annoyed, and that one more word from that unknown-to-me relative would put her in a grave situation. and then it goes, and like a volcano, i exploded, for this simple reason: she asked my mom to hold the watermelon even if it's already neatly placed down. she asked that twice in a demanding tone like she's bullying a kid, that i already intervened and told her in a commanding voice that if she don't stop, i'm going to definitely throw that watermelon right before her eyes to the sea with her as well!

It's so irritating, yes, for me, but it didn't stopped there. the last and final thread of my patience broke off when another unknown-to-me relative had accused my brother of spilling the so damn barbeque marinade, with which she was assuming to be taking care of. Without any a do, she just accused my brother of spilling it without any valid proofs to support her allegation. And what did your old meanie friend do, i retorted her, that it was definitely her fault because in the first place she was the one looking after it, and why accuse someone who has nothing to do with it. I never stopped, and my mother never dared stop me, she as well released her annoyance. I continued telling her that if she didn't just placed it there and let her eyes and attention go wandering off that would never even happen. After that, total silence, and no one dared to look at me, and look at my direction. i felt they're scared of me, because a another word from me would take their precious peace of mind away.

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riCh said...

haay bien.. relax.. tapos na yun..
nasa manila ka na.. hehehe..

ibang level ka pa rin pala magalit.. hehehe.. (",)