Wednesday, June 16, 2004

damn him!

Apparently i had a nice day... so far as seeing that special someone that brightened up my gloomy day. After abnormal psych, that young prince came gliding out of nowhere - shining like the sun... hmm... however his EGOISTIC rival always had an excuse to ruin my day... telling me that he's "stiff"... and so on and so forth, a loser, a "poster" something - whatever he means with it... duh!
As i clearly see it jealousy or envy always comes out of this sordid guy's mouth  as he tried to ruin every edifice. This guy, if i'm correct with my observations, he always wanted attention, he seeked attention and wanted everybody glimpsing at him as though he's a STAR a celebrity. But his not and he really wouldn't be... damn him!

"love is weakest when there's more doubts than trust... and strongest when u learn to trust despite the doubts.. "

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