Monday, June 14, 2004

monday edit...

not again... same thing... why? why can't things change, change for something better. I've been up early and then i arrived at school late... damn it! This monday sickness surely is a heck! Could anyone find me a cure?
by the way things goes... i'm still bored, in fact i hadn't seen my special someone again for the Nth time today. I didn't knew whether his schedules surely didn't fitted with mine, or it's just the usual twist of irony.
Hay, emotions really weren't easy to explain. It's profoundness resembles as one tried to understand or escape it's depth. I wish i could express these profound emotions about love... to all those people that i found so admirable... especially HIM, yet words always failed a longing heart! And what's worst, the only thing that you could do was look, and glimpse at him... keeping that emotions concealled at the bottom of your heart.
Enough of my nonsense... i need to go back to my studies about Biochemistry.... huh!

"love is weakest when there's more doubts than trust... and strongest when u learn to trust despite the doubts.. "

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