Tuesday, August 17, 2004

"The long week has finally concluded but its aftershock is still ongoing."

What does this line mean? Simple, the results of the exams are just up ahead to torture everyone of us again. We had managed to survived the one-half of the catastropy this prelims had brought us, but we still are not assured whether we are all going to pass or fail those exams. Just lately this morning, one of the most feared subject (BIOCHEM) had released its aftershock, giving us all a hard time to breathe, thinking hard if we would pass it or not, and asking and praying to all the saints to help and spare us. For some few gifted people, of course they're too confident that their going to pass, but what about us.... the average type, kulang na lang maglupasay...Then the moment arrived, the results were given... few were too lucky to pass but the rest all in dispair, kasi kulang ng one point para pumasa. Then, yung inaakala mong iyon na, tapos na, di pa natapos nagsermon pa siya, bumagsak or almost bumagsak ka na nga nagsermon pa, hindi na naawa, nagdagdag torture pa!

Eto pa, matapos yung biochem, si EXPERMENTAL LEC, lugmuk na lugmuk ka na sa iyong katayuan dahil nga sa Biochem, ito nagdagdag pa siya ng pasakit. Imbes na sabihin na lang yung tamang sagot, daldal pa ng daldal sa harap, iniisa-isa ung questions, duh! Ano ba siya martyr, or just plain STUPID. Then, when she finally realized that no body's listening nagtanong pa kung bakit walang nakikinig. Isn't it that as a PSYCHOLOGIST you should be sensitive to the needs of others, why can't she see that her students were already annoyed with her!

Sorry, I just really want to have an outlet sa bwisit kong ito!