Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Somebody asked me lately, "Ano ang type mo sa lalaki?"

And I said sarcastically, "Bakit gusto mong malaman?"

But that peron didn't replied back, so I thought it's just his common reaction. However, I find it queer on the way he asked me the question, it's like he's trying to know more about how I choose the right person whom I wished to admire. But why does he want know it?

Then I remembered a line that I had read on one e-mail which goes a bit like this...

"... For Guys, ask out in advance what you're counter-part wants, so that you'll have an idea on what to give her..."

But I can't justify this line to his intent on why he asked me that? It's still vague for me, I mean, I'm clueless, nonetheless if he really wants to know about what's my type in a guy, then he should just pass and abide to my standards. So here are the criterions:

I. Physical appearance (20%)

  1. face value (5%)
  2. Complexion (5%)
  3. over-all physique (5%)
  4. eyes (5%)

II. Intelligence (20%)

  1. reasoning capability and other related factors (10%)
  2. humor and other related factors (10%)

III. Attitude (60%)
which includes:

  1. first impression
  2. my own perception to him, whether he's cocky, cocksure, timid or shy
  3. the perception of others
  4. rumors about him

So over all 100%, and the passing rate for me is 80%. So know I guess you'll all have a clear idea on how I select the right guy to admire. My standards are high right?