Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Do I need to pay homage to the deities?

Do I need to follow and obey their every desire?

As far as I recall, I was born with such freedom,

And no one shall reclaim such birth right!

Thou art presumes thy prowess got a strong hold.

Yet why do thee crumble with no response!

Why do thee use oppression to tame the wild?

Could it be that thy fear becomes gruesome?

Open thy eyes, thee mystically blind,

For thee to see the reality, you've been denying.

I'm no slave for thee, and never will I be!

So put thy dreams to the seclusion!

Hell, I'd made the wrong choice,

Of keeping my true identity to hold.

Hence, thee manipulated me,

With every opportunity thy grasp.

Now I had enough, and my patience grew thinner.

I'd better stand and speak for my rights,

Rather than harnessing me as one of thy slaves,

Torn out of the freedom one should enjoy.

Huh, but who are you anyway?

Do you think you're one of those few who should be respected?

Who are you then to accuse me?

As far as I recall I had no debt to pay!