Thursday, March 30, 2006


okay, i just don't get the point about all this... but i'm going to start anyway...

realization 'bout stereotypical men

1. on men having ear piercings on both ears.

my say: okay, you look just fine in it! try to get some wig and put some make-up on... you're going to look sexy on it! hahaha, think your gorgeous... opsss

2. on men wearing those bling-bling things

my say: oh please remove the collar of my dog, i will need to walk him now...

3. on men wearing jerseys not appropriate for them

my say: God! think you're sexy... uhmm... excuse me, your hanger is out? will you mind if i use it for laundry?

4. on men wearing pink clothes

my say: okay, pink is good, yes indeed its good, but not for you!

5. on men wearing checker-ed (??) polos

my say: oh my, didn't your mama told you not to use the table cloth!

6. on men wearing low waist pants

my say: okay, okay, i admit, you needed to show off... but why not take it off just in while? be naked! that's what you want right?

7. on men with wide open legs when sitting

my say: wouldn't you mind if i get a kick on your arse? it would be so amusing? then maybe you shall learn to close your legs in public places

8. on men with f4 hair style

my say: didn't you hear the news lately, they're disbanded... so please stop that bandwagon thing!

9. on men wearing muscle shirts

my say: oh my what a body do you have? you can perfectly hid on a ruler!

10. on men wearing printed caps

my say: is that a word or something?! can't comprehend it... mind if you read "roxy" to me?

okay, that's it for now. i just can't help it... this is what happens when you're exposed to a whole day one subject in a review center... ha, the guy wearing that bling-bling thing, with the earrings, and sits in an open legged fashion... he seems definitely nice and cute if only he change his lifestyle.

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