Monday, March 27, 2006

OMG... UST in fire!!!

today, march 27, 2006, around quarter to six in the evening a loud siren broke out in the premises of the university (near the research complex). Suddenly, the fire truck came rushing from no where, which lead all the people in the research complex running outside. There was smoke near the research complex, so near that it's just in front of it. we wanted to have a closer look, hence we started walking near it. it was towards the parking area of the fathers' residence. the one close to cal-2 lab, and the back of the high-school building.

Just then there were plenty of fire trucks rushing. not just 2 of them, but more than 10, all of which clamored in the parking area side, the front of the main building, the street inside the botanical garden, and the street near the entrance to the graduate school.

a shocking incident, i should say, since the fire lasted more than an hour, there was a casualty (a man being carried by the fire men using a stretcher), and the amount lost by the university as a result of the said incident.

the reason for such incident was still unknown for us, for we cannot interfere and be nosy in the work of those brave fire fighter volunteers. but this will surely serve as an eye opener for each and everyone - to be careful.

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