Wednesday, June 21, 2006

about me?

I've been thinking what good answer i'm going to say everytime i'm being asked about this question:

"Tell me something about yourself?"

'coz everytime they ask me about it, the only answers i'm saying were, i like reading books, love music, graduated as a psychology student... blah, blah and blah.

so now i'm trying to learn what i really like and dislike. here's a few list, not that significant but can reflect what i'm really thinking of.

1. I love original fries, but not yummy fries.

2. I hated hypocrites. Just be true to yourself period.

3. I don't like people telling about something, then in the end you'll learn about it.

4. I don't like people talking about you behind your back. If they do, just be sure it won't reach you.

5. My silence says everything.

6. i like being exposed to mental hospitals, but i hated normal people acting as abnormal.

7. I may be clumsy and stupid sometimes, yet it doesn't mean that i'm not going to verify all the information.

8. I like english, but hated it as a profession.

9. I love faithful converts, but disgusted with people who are not true with themselves.

10. I like angels with wings, halos, and in white gowns, but is totally disgusted with devils disguising themselves by wearing angel's masks.

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