Thursday, June 15, 2006

i'm trying to understand myself better, and luckily i had uncovered a part of me. few people i know, as i compared myself with them, had in them a glint or a little part of nationalism that was instilled in them when they were young. however, i don't have. since i was young, as i deemed my memory to be correct, i wanted to evade this country. i never even understand why i recited and sang the national anthem and that "panunumpa sa watawat". all i do was to mimic the expression, as though i felt it the same way as they do. now, i am certain, i don't feel as if a pint of nationalism had ever ran inside my veins.

being a filipino is a nice thing to say, if and only if, one is viewed in a way based on their attitudes, work habits, intellect and abilities, and not as a general whole that filipinos are like this "corrupt, dishonest, untrustworthy" and the like.

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