Sunday, October 22, 2006


Surviving another round of you was a difficult thing. I had to grapple over, tossed and turned, just to eradicate you out of my thoughts. You're not addicting as others might have thought otherwise, but why do you keep on coming back, haunting.

You're always there when night strikes; always attacking when my eyes were shut. You're feeding me with inexplicable things, ruining the peaceful night that i should have had. I haven't noticed your arrival into my life, but your attacks were more gruesome than the first time I had encountered you. You just don't know, but you really messed my life.

I remember the first time you showed me that horrible thing; it made my heart palpitate fast. I had to run away just to evade it, because it keeps on chasing me. I had no idea why its after me, you're the only one who knows best why. Now you shifted the scene to another one, giving the exact details and emotions associated with it. More and more people grieving, more and more people shouting, what were these for?

What were all these? I have the inkling sensation to ask you why and what were all these? And why am I the only one to get it on a daily basis?

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