Sunday, December 17, 2006

experience is the best teacher?

"Experience is the best teacher"

But upto when? I do understand and I do believe that "experience is the best teacher" if and only if, you had made a decision impulsively. For some point in your life you will realize that the path you had taken was somehow different to what you had expected. Because you had acted impulsively, then definitely the experience you had will serve as a teacher to guide you.

However, objectively speaking, in the very begining you should have anticipated what the outcomes were if you chose any of the options laid down to you. You should have anticipated the consequences and prior to deciding you already had learned what you should have learnt in the said experience before you were caught up in that situation.

I do understand that not all people can comprehend what you are feeling and what you have experienced. Individual differences play a major role in life, some uses their brains first rather than their hearts. If you're asking for sympathy, or empathy on your experience, then think again on who you're talking with! Some people were not as stupid as you, who based their decisions on fate, superstitions and sheer luck. Use your brain, if you do have one!

To think, you can't even fool somebody by stating that you wanted warmth and attention on your special someone, with which he can't provide. You can't fool someone with that annoying, old fashioned escapegoat most individuals do to get out of their relationships. You can't even fool someone by stating that there was never a third party involved, when in fact there was! You won't dare ask for someone to change their behavior abruptly, if you knew some intervening factors had affected your perception!

Now are you still going to shout to the whole world that "Experience is the best teacher" when in fact you haven't learnt anything from it except that had it blurred your perception.

On a psychologist point of view this is what I'm going to spare to you: don't deny certain facts, and don't even displace and project your stupidity on others. Coping styles works best if you employed the positve ones, not the negative ones! More so, stop pretending that you're so above the rest, your behavior does not complement your own schema.

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