Friday, December 15, 2006

warning: invectives ahead. pls. proceed to the next post

I hate it!!!!
F*ck the shit of it!!!
F*ck those bastards!!!
Try to call again and I'll see to it that you'll feel the f*cking wrath of me!!!
I hate it!!!
I just hate it!!!
I just hate it!!!
I just hate it!!!
I jusssttttttttt so hatttttttttteeeee it!!!


Anyway, sorry, I just can't contain the f*cking anger inside me. I just need an outlet. I just need some sort of absorber, so as this shit-of-an-anger be released!

Business hours is over, but f*ck those f*cking callers trying to gain access over the
internet line!
I hate them!!!!!!!!!!
I just do!!!!!
And if they tried to call again, I'll see to it that their ears would rang out of pain, for I shall slam the f*cking handset/headset very hard!

Sorry again for my misbehavior... Don't worry I will cool down a little bit, before I'll smash something very hard in front of someone.

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