Wednesday, December 6, 2006

follow up on reming's disaster

Last night my father called our relatives in Albay; Tabacco, Albay to be exact and not Ginobatan, Albay. Since there was a partial communication restoration in the area he had managed to get some first hand information of what had happened in the Region. Hence, I've learned that my grandparents' house was totally destroyed, due to the trees that had fallen in it. Thank God, that my grandparents were not there! Unfortunately, my grandparents were staying at my uncle's house where flash floods reached upto the head. So upto now, I still don't know whether all my relatives were safe. My immediate relatives I say the least may have been saved by God, but what about the rest of my clan living in the said devastated region!

That was the worst scenario that my relatives had experienced. I don't know how water level reached upto the head, but I do recall that my uncle's house was kilometers near the sea shore line, so maybe the water level in the sea added up to the floods caused by Reming.

With regards to my other relatives living in the said region, I still don't know. The fact is I haven't even met all of my relatives. The only key on tracing them was through my grandfather.

Now, the question still remains the same for me. Would I celebrate this yultide season or just drop it out of my life's existence, just for now?

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