Sunday, December 10, 2006

sleep deprivation!

Sleep deprivation! Yes, on the day of the exams. Not that I'm willing to fall asleep in difficult problems later, but because I really don't feel sleepy. My eyes are tired of rotating, yet my mind still over-thinks about what will happen later.

Why deprive myself to sleep? I know you'll ask that question.

Because, my best friend called me up at around 11 in the evening for one simple reason: to persuade me of lending him my Harry Potter books (3 and 4)! Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking, he's a late reader of the said series, because he had no time to read such (he's a nursing student by the way), blah, blah, blah. Since, now he had the time, and he had finished his own board exams, he will read them.

I just didn't realized that I was so attached in talking to him, that it was already passed 12 that we hung up the phone. Almost an hour of debating and persuading just for him to grab a hold of the said books. Hell, he distracted me on my skimming process on my old notes for the aptitude battery exams later!

Anyway, prior to that, I had agreed to lend it to him, for only one condition: he'll wait for me till 7 in the evening in a bookstore, since exams will end by 5 in the afternoon, and journey home takes about an hour from La Salle Taft to Caloocan City Upper. And we end our conversation there.

After which, I asked my mom, and you know what? My ever dear mother started acting the selfish one telling me why on earth would i lend the book to him, and so on and so forth; and the books were costly... etcetera etcetera... The only escape goat I said was this: there is a collateral, so as to stop her from nagging me.

But since he knew me quite well, he verified the deal. You know what I said: "I lied! Hahaha! (Quoted from the famous female senator of the Philippines when she dared another politician, that if his allegations were indeed true she'll jump out of the plane without parachute, and later on found to be indeed true. But she never did jump out of the plane, she just made it appear as pun and said the exact words. (dunno what was that allegations))

Now, it's morning and I'm preparing for my exams around 7. Okay, I need to go. Just wish me luck on the said exams.

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