Saturday, August 25, 2007

I signed with a PPP!

I was kind of a bit skeptical at first when I heard about a sponsored post from a co-blogger, specifically with a blog network called I thought was it real? Do they really pay for a single post made by bloggers? Of course, at first, you cannot erase the fact about a person being skeptical. What if it's just the so-called fly-by-night companies? Or maybe just a grand scheme of a scam that lurks over the internet to grab innocent young naive ones?

But I made my mind, there isn't anything harm in trying. Besides its free! So I don't have anything to worry about.

Just then did I try. I signed up for a membership with them and learned that indeed they do pay bloggers, which somehow eradicated my skepticism about the said program. Imagine not all internet based companies are willing to pay that kind of amount just to buzz around their products, and not every one is willing to accept bloggers to become an affiliate - except for

Indeed this is a new and nice experience for me. I will write something up, and then within a few days I'll get paid for it, and it's not so much of a hassle. I can earn and keep the money for something nice to splurge when I really had the urge.

So far, if this is a race game, I'm just on the starting point, with maybe some or fellow bloggers unknown-to-me yet, and are on the same race to catch up with the rest of bloggers ahead. Maybe someday, I can catch up with the rest and maybe even have the opportunity to chat with them or even mingle with them.

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