Monday, May 19, 2008

20 Pesos Wage Hike Approved

20 pesos20 Philippine Peso Wage Hike was approved by the government this month, however with all honestly is it enough to support people belonging to the poverty line? According to the church officials it's better than nothing at all, so why waste the blessing that was given. However to those who had been suffering entirely it's not even enough to sustain a living with all the inflation that is occurring in the country. To most of them a 125 Philippine peso across the wage board increase is highly adoptable to support a family belonging to the poverty line, with which most companies declines because of fear of closing their businesses.

It may be best to actually do a comprise between most of the companies and workers themselves to have a definite solution on the crisis that is existing in the industrial section. Both parties should not turn a blind eye or deaf ear to the needs of each other that should be addressed accordingly. It may be the only way to make things work. So if a 20 pesos increase in the minimum wage is the only thing that is viable at the moment, just accept it even if you perceive that it is not enough, and just hope that things would have improve the next wage increase when all other extraneous factors had been ruled out.

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