Friday, July 18, 2008

Activists against Oil Price Hike: Opinion

Okay, this would be a super small rant post. I just need to voice out my opinion on this topic to soothe my annoyed nerves.

First and foremost issue to spare, a small (in)famous third world country like the Philippines, naturally doesn't produce oil for its consumption. Everybody knows this, this is a fact! Philippines doesn't have oil for consumption that is why it commissioned foreign explorer and discoverer to check whether there are oil reservoir in this country. Since this country doesn't have oil to use, ALL OIL COMPANIES STATIONED IN THIS COUNTRY IMPORTS ITS PRODUCTS for their consumers to use. So why do these activists force these companies to cut their prices down? Are these activists thinking or what? FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, THESE COMPANIES ARE ONLY BUYING THEIR COMMODITY ON THE WORLD MARKET, SO WHY PUT THE BLAME ON THEM!

If you activists wished that these oil prices would go down GO ON THE OIL PRODUCING COUNTRIES AND RALLY THERE. They're the one's imposing the price so GO THERE! Release all your grievances there. Period.

Second issue, if you activists hoped that these oil prices would somehow go down, demand the usurper's government TO REMOVE THE TAXES AND THE ROYALTIES IT TAKES FROM THESE PRODUCTS and see its effects on the whole economy as well.

Now I rest my case. You all make proper conclusions on this world problem.


Shea said...

Our enemies are buying up the world

Chris said...

Too many people don't understand the concept of fungible commodities.

Clearly you do.