Sunday, December 19, 2004

Since, ayaw ko ng magpost regarding the christmas party... puntahan nyo na lng ung blog ni leah... nakakatamad kasi mag-recount ng events... pero kung tutuusin masaya... nagenjoy talaga me. Ang galing-galing talaga ng council ah... but anyway, I decided to write this poem na lang kasi i got a feeling na hindi ko maexplain para sa isang tao...


Stolen moments,

glimpses left untold,

a concealed smile

and a heart-full bliss

whilst thee there, don't notice

A heart-warming greetings,

a melting stare and

a groovy smile from thee

makes this heart palpitate fast

and this body trembles inevitably.

This emotion kept inside

are ought to be divulge...

to dispel the dither

long forth troubling me,

so it be... I love thee!

And ito pa isa...


My sanity long forth fighting

yet easily succumbed by thee.

Thou prowess like lighting

killing it piece by piece.

This dither thee thrust forth

causes commotion between

neither reality nor illusion win

thus a hell's thou birth!

But, Oh those mirthful words

they are passions caressing me

filling my empty world

with emotions long sought.

Thy stares thaw this edifice

and with our tête-à-tête

I realized, I needed thee

for this life revolves only to thee!