Saturday, December 2, 2006

fellow christians...

Photos: Courtesy of Manila Bulletin, and The Philippine Daily Inquirer

Fellow Christians all over the world, please have time to pray for the victims of the super-typhoon in the Philippines. Typhoon Reming (international code name: Durian), struck the Philippine regions, which caused massive destruction to properties and lives of our fellow Christians. The super-typhoon, more so, triggered the mudslide in Albay, which killed people already amounting to 468, and hopefully would not increase by the following days to come.

To know more of what is happening check out this News link.

Please don't stop praying. Even if you're busy right now or what, just say a little prayer, even just the The Lord's Prayer. It would count the most if done in multitude.


Anonymous said...

The last I read, the toll of those lost could reach over 600. Very sad, I will add my prayers.

Jamie said...

That is horrible! I will definitely keep them in my prayers.